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Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream - 50ml Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream - 50ml
New 2-3 Days
Rich Moisturizing Formula & Texture - a creamy, buttery formula that melts on skin once applied to soothe irritation and deliver moisture relief to dry, parched skin. Second Barrier Complex™ - composed of 14 different elements including ceramides & cholesterol that imitate the skin's nat..
Laneige Water Sleeping Lavender Laneige Water Sleeping Lavender
New 2-3 Days
An intensive moisturizing, subtly-scented sleeping mask Features a lightweight gel texture that gently soothes rough, tired skin Boasts innovative Sleep-toxTM technology to purify & revitalize tired skin during sleep Developed with Moisture WrapTM technology to keep dry skin moisturiz..
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