Dm.cell BNP Aqua Face Mask Pack 1box
Dm.cell BNP Aqua Face Mask Pack 1box

Dm.cell BNP Aqua Face Mask Pack 1box

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Dm.Cell Cosmetic BNP Aqua Mask Pack 


High-intensity cellulose sheet coated with Nano protein that enhances immunity strengthening, has antioxidative activity and antimicrobial effect. Instantly soothes sensitive skin and activates vital processes in face skin. Provides nano peptide nutrition and detoxification of derma skin level.


Application instruction: as a part of revitalization, MTS, after laser treatment

- 1 STEP Exfoliation BNP Exfoliating gel

Start with your face dry. Take a suitable amount of your cleansing product and wash the skin gently and deeply. The exfoliated skin cells can be

removed with a wet sponge or towel.


- 2 STEP Mask Sheet

Attach the mask to the face and remove after 15 minutes. Distribute the remaining product to make the skin absorb the leftover product after removing the mask.

- 3 STEP Cream Miracle - skin perfection cream

Apply gently on the entire face.



Active ingredients:

Bio-Nano protein, Betaine, Panthenol, Galactuses Asiatic

pennywort extract


Skin type: For all skin types, dry skin, sensitive skin, inflamed skin


Packaging: 5Pcs x 1Box

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