Kissum tint for lips - 1 set
Kissum tint for lips - 1 set

Kissum tint for lips - 1 set

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Kissum tint for lips consists of 6 bottles, pre-treatment solution, 4 colors and after-treatment solution.


Not for tattoos! Effect lasts for 2 weeks


Pink 10ml/spoid 

Hot Pink 10ml/spoid 

Red 10ml/spoid 

Red wine 10ml/spoid 


Pre-Treatment 10ml/spoid 

After Treatment 10ml/spoid

HOW TO USE Kissum PLUS tint:

  1. Apply pre-treatment solution on the lips with a cotton swab and rub the lips gently to remove dead skin and for sterilization. While doing this, unfold lips with your fingers to spread out lip wrinkles.

  2. Wipe pre-treatment solution with a cotton pad or smth similar.

  3. Apply the desired color on the lips with a cotton swab and then, with an MTS (mesotherapy) machine, perform the treatment.

  4. After the treatment, apply the color on all over the lips and wait for about 5 minutes for better coloring.

  5. Apply after-care solution with a cotton swab for moisturization and nutrition.

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