Matrigen Enzyme Cleanser - Enzyme Peel 80g
Matrigen Enzyme Cleanser - Enzyme Peel 80g

Matrigen Enzyme Cleanser - Enzyme Peel 80g

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Matrigen Cleansing Enzyme Peel exfoliates the epithelial layer to enhance the absorption of active substances, triggering the excretion of toxins.

Enzymes break the bonds between the skin scales, afterwards the upper layer of the skin is gently and painlessly removed, revealing young, healthy cells.

The procedure is beneficial for the face: it maximally cleanses the pores, whitens the pigment spots, eliminates acne, stimulates the  birth of new cells.

Good for skin preparation before bb glow mesowhite and microneedling procedures. 


Enzyme Cleanser Matrigen. Cleansing & peeling powder foam. Perfect solution for deep skin cleansing treatment.  

Directions: apply to the area and rub until absorbed. If necessary, may be applied 1-2 times. Rinse the face thoroughly. After the application, you may feel light burning or tickling, this is normal.

Application: presented in the form of powder foam, it is able to peel off the dead skin that is not removed by other skin protective and cleansing products. It provides rich skin nutrition by the synergistic effect of the plant complex component.

Applicable in professional cosmetology, as well as in home skin care.

Made in Korea

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