My Neck Mask Wrinkle Care Korea - 1 pack/5pcs *12g
My Neck Mask Wrinkle Care Korea - 1 pack/5pcs *12g

My Neck Mask Wrinkle Care Korea - 1 pack/5pcs *12g

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Neck Mask Wrinkle Care 

My Neck Mask makes the collagen fibers of the dermis layer uniform, and improves flexibility and functionality. Applying film technology, the product makes you able to feel the optimal tightening effect to the skin.

Product Description

New solution to treat neck wrinkles with patented ingredients.

It contains a patented ingredient that promotes the synthesis of the collagen of the skin as well as adenosine and EGF.

It helps to improve the wrinkles oт the skin.

75% сollagen fibers constitute of "dermis protein", a major component of the dermis, and play an important role in the strength, volume and texture of the skin.

Effect: improvement of neck wrinkles

How to Use

  1. After cleansing, please use skin lotion to prepare skin texture.
  2. Pull out the sheet and put it on your neck.
  3. Remove the sheet after 10 to 20 minutes.

4. Please let the skin absorb the remaining product by gently tapping it in.

Packaging: 12g x 5 Sheets

Please use it immediately after opening.

Made in S.Korea

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