NEOBELLA lipolysis for face and body 5 ampoules of 8 ml.  use S.Korea
NEOBELLA lipolysis for face and body 5 ampoules of 8 ml.  use S.Korea

NEOBELLA lipolysis for face and body 5 ampoules of 8 ml. use S.Korea

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NEOBELLA lipolysis for face and body Injection use.


Effective against cellulite, makes skin supple. ⠀⠀

Helps to get rid of fat in specific parts of the body, where physical exercises are not effective.

A typical treatment with this high-class lipolytic product consists of a maximum of 6 sessions. Each of them is carried out at an interval of a minimum of 1 week. The fat-burning contouring serum is injected into the target areas by a board-certified plastic surgeon. The treatment zones are usually those parts of the face and the body that are prone to local fat accumulation and, at the same time, are slow to respond to alternative weight-loss strategies involving physical exercise, diets or cosmetic surgery such as liposuction. One of the biggest advantages of Neobella is that it can be combined with all these and other anti-obesity solutions to achieve faster and longer-lasting weight loss results.

  • Inexpensive
  • Pain-free
  • Zero harmful side effects
  • Effective
  • Chemical-free

    Double chin

    Fatigue and gravitational shift of adipose tissue in the region of the mandible

    Underlining or getting the contour of the mandible line

    Slimming your face

    Local fat accumulation on the body


    How does Neobella work?

    Since this cutting-edge product is based on DA, it has an incredible slimming and fat-resolving effect when it is administered through an injection in the subcutaneous layer. Deoxycholic Acid destroys fat deposits and delivers a localized anti-obesity treatment. This incredible enzyme also stimulates the metabolization of the so-called fatty acids providing patients with a well-contoured facial line and slimmed up abdomen, hips, thighs, underarms and more.

    Neobella is an innovative lipolytic product dedicated to facial and body treatments.

    The active ingredient of NEOBELLA® is synthetic deoxycholic acid, approved by the US FDA.

    Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring enzyme in the body that helps in the breakdown and metabolization of fatty acids.

    When injected into the subcutaneous tissue, it destroys fat cells, causing a noticeable reduction in tissue volume and circumference.

    Damaged adipocyte cells can no longer bind and accumulate fat, so the tendency to place fatty tissue in the surgical site is reduced by many times.

    Thanks to high safety and effectiveness of the therapy, Neobella became famous mainly for the non-surgical lipolysis of the chin and the possibility of contouring the line of the mandible.

    The Neobella formula allows you to immediately reduce fat overhangs, cheek fat and excessive fat all around the face.

    The product provides a quick recovery of the sharp contour of the mandible and leveling of gravitational fat tissue, causing a younger and slender appearance of the lower part of the face.

    The product can also be effectively used in the area of excessive accumulation of fat in the body.

    The therapy includes a maximum of 6 treatments at intervals of at least 1 week.

    The amount of the product to be used depends on the amount of the initial fat tissue and individual doctor's decision.

    The maximum amount of the administered product for one treatment should not exceed 8-10ml.

    The product can be used only by a doctor or professional personnel.

    Packaging: box of 5 ampoules of 8 ml.

    Made in S.Korea

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